Clinovintage App Reviews

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Angle alarm

Good app with cool graphics. Low review due to inability to set alarms at specific angles.

Great tool, great service

This is my favorite inclinometer out there. Excellent visuals, nice and not garish colors. I like that you have a choice of vehicles. I had a question about the operation of the program and they responded very quickly through email. I am impressed.

Great app

Great application. It works just as you would expect. Need to add an audible alert for when you approach a maximum user input pitch and roll angle. This would provide a warning if you approach your vehicles limits before a rollover.

An idea

Would it be possible to get a vertical option in an update? I love what you created. It looks just like the old clinometors. The vertical idea comes from having an iPod mount that holds it vertically.

Works Great

Works exactly as I would have expected from the description. I would prefer a switch to turn off the auto-calibrate feature. There are many times I park on an incline and don't want it to automatically calibrate in a position that is not level.

Well done clinometer.

Very nicely implemented!

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